The curious tale of the Barrister in Wonderland

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things…”

And it’s on that note, that I feel it’s time to talk about “Wonderland,” Retford’s beloved children’s bookshop, of which I’m fortunate enough to have adopted.

The Barrister in Wonderland opened for the first time on 4th May 2019 (Star Wars Day!). The little sister of The Barrister’s Book Chamber, Wonderland is enchanting, bringing smiles to the faces of all children who visit, both young and old. From the fairies who live underneath the window who always appear to be out whenever I knock on their door, to the tea party on the ceiling, one can’t fail to feel the sheer joy of books when surrounded by such magic.

But the question on everyone’s lips (well, the grown ups at least) is always the same. “WHY the Barrister?”

The answer is simple. There really IS a Barrister and she dreamed of opening a bookshop. She was responsible for bringing the joy of The Barrister’s Book Chamber to Retford, and as a big Alice in Wonderland fan, it was obvious that the children’s bookshop should become her very own Wonderland. The Barrister’s Book Chamber is now on a new adventure as it moves to Matlock, where it will be opening on 9th November, just a week after our own reopening.

I’m so grateful to The Barrister for trusting me with her baby and I hope you’ll join me on my journey down the rabbit hole.