Pay it Forward

The #PayItForward initiative was born on 17th March 2020 when a kind customer paid some money to the bookshop. “Send three books to people who need them,” he said. Later that evening, someone else did the same. The following day, we found some homes for the new books and then the donations began to roll in from other generous people.

Due to the number of people who have been contacting us to donate, we have decided to set up this page on the website where you can donate towards #PayItForward. While we can’t share the details of who has received a book, please do email us on if you would like to receive information on what has been sent on your behalf (age, book,).

Every donation received will go towards #PayingItForward for someone else. Books have been donated to shelters, food banks, schools, and individuals.

“Thank you for brightening up her month,” – recipient family member, March 2020

You can choose to donate any amount by entering it into the box below and clicking Add to Basket. Thank you for your kindness.