The resources below are free downloads we have created to help inspire the love of reading and to keep track of books read. We hope you will find these useful. Please check back for updates to existing resources and new printables. Have fun!

Reading log – this printable is a simple template to keep track of books read, with the option to give them a star rating

Reading journal – this printable encourages readers to think about what they have learnt from the book, while giving it a review. Why not keep completed pages together to create a journal of all your read books?

Reading challenge – how many of the challenges listed can you tick off?

Design your own book cover – can you design a new book cover for your favourite book?


The list below is a selection of free resources put together for children, parents, and teachers to use, by some wonderful authors and illustrators. Why not check these out to support your home learning?

LD Lapinski – learning resources for “The Strangeworlds Travel Agency”, author videos including worldbuilding

Rashmi Sirdeshpande – teacher notes for “DOSH”, a fun and accessible financial handbook to help children build their confidence and develop a positive money outset

Alan Dupr̩ Рlearning resources that include exploring wordplay, humours, characters and plots

Ben Rothery – “The Bestiary” is a collection of downloadables to learn to draw different animals, along with facts. Ben is also doing Instragram live sessions to answer art and wildlife questions

Gattaldo – “Fearless Daphne” has articles on journalism and learning resources to support the children’s book “Fearless, The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia”

Maria Kuzniar – Learning resources for “The Ship of Shadows” and pirate activity pack


This list is a selection of learning resources put together by different publishers.

British Library – a selection of activities to explore children’s books, including interviews with authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and Zanib Mian

Puffin Schools – learning activities and resources for different key stages, including Sir Captain Tom Moore activities

Hachette School Resources – learning activities and resources based on books such as The Last Garden, Break the Mould, and The Wizard in my Shed, among others

Nosy Crow Teacher Resources – learning activities and resources based on books such as Earth Heroes, My Life as a Cat, and No Ballet Shoes in Syria, among others

Nosy Crow Activity Sheets – fun, free activity sheets based on various books