Three children’s Christmas books we love

Mog's Christmas

One of the things I love about Christmas is having the opportunity to shamelessly read Christmas books. We’ve got a great selection of Christmas classics in at the moment and thought we’d take the opportunity to round up some of our favourites.

1 My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas by Dorothy Edwards

I used to love My Naughty Little Sister and these classic stories, beautifully illustrated by the magnificent Shirley Hughes have stood the test of time. My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas originally featured as a chapter within one of the books, but has now been published as a stand alone picture book for the first time. In this book, our long suffering narrator tells the story of when she goes to meet Father Christmas with her little sister who dares to bite him on the hand! With stunning illustrations, this is a gorgeous story to enjoy at Christmas, especially for those of us with our own naughty little sisters. This story also introduces us to the beloved dolly, Rosy-Primrose, for the first time.

2 Angel Mae and the Christmas Baby by Shirley Hughes

We seem to be running with a Shirley Hughes theme, but rest assured that it is entirely unintentional. It’s just so very easy to get lost in her beautiful artwork and Angel Mae and the Christmas Baby is no exception. Mae is so excited to be cast as Angel Gave-You (oh my heart, a mispronunciation of Gabriel) in the school nativity play, but her mother is heavily pregnant and the baby arrives at the same time as the school play. Mae takes to the stage and is delighted when her dad turns up to watch his pillowcase clad angel take her star turn. This story is part of the Trotter Street series.

3 Mog’s Christmas by Judith Kerr

Judith Kerr will always be one of my favourite authors and Mog will always be one of my favourite fictional cats. In this story, everyone is busy setting up for Christmas and poor Mog is terrified by the walking Christmas tree. “Once trees start walking about, anything might happen,” she thinks before dashing onto the roof of the house, refusing to come down even for supper. Everyone is sad but cheered up later when who should pop down the chimney but Mog? Happy Christmas Mog!

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