Extinct Dunkleosteus, Hallucigenia, and Trilobite three book bundle (signed)


The story of life on Earth told through the planet’s major mass extinctions. TV scientist Professor Ben Garrod makes top level science accessible, whether you’re 8 or 80, in this unique exploration of the most destructive, yet most creative force in nature.A collectable, full-colour, eight-book series, illustrated by paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto.

Extinct is the new series from evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster Professor Ben Garrod and we are delighted to announce that we are offering signed copies of the first three books in this exciting new series for readers aged 9+. Retailing at £15 each, we are pleased to offer a bundle offer of the first three titles Dunkleosteus, Hallucigenia, and Trilobite for £40.00, a saving of £5, all signed by Ben himself!

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