Extinct Trilobite (signed and personalised pre-order)


The story of life on Earth told through the planet’s major mass extinctions. Trilobites, some of the first arthropods, are among the most iconic animal to ever walk, swim or stalk our planet. TV scientist Professor Ben Garrod makes top level science accessible, whether you’re 8 or 80, in this unique exploration of the most destructive, yet most creative force in nature.A collectable, full-colour, eight-book series, illustrated by paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto.

We have already lost an almost unbelievable 5 billion species, making extinction one of the most complex, interesting and important topics in science. 50,000 species of Trilobites had survived for over 300 million years, and two mass extinctions. Then came the End Permian mass extinction, now known as the Great Dying.

The Trilobites were some of the first arthropods – animals with jointed legs – which now includes insects and their relatives. But then they were gone, with the greatest mass extinction ever leaving the oceans, lands and skies almost empty. Ben Garrod explores the Trilobites evolution, anatomy, behaviour, habitat and food chain to reveal what led to their extinction.

With an additional ‘Ask the Expert’ section, stunning full colour art on every page, glossary and pronunciation guide, each book will reveal a different extinction story, from mass extinctions caused by asteroids or mega volcanoes, to over-hunting by humans and habitat destruction.

Extinct is the new series from evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster Professor Ben Garrod and we are delighted to announce that we are now taking pre-orders on the first three books in this exciting new series for readers aged 9+. Due out on 13th May 2021, order now to reserve your very own copy signed and personalised by Ben himself!

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