Extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex (signed and personalised pre-order)


TV scientist Ben Garrod presents the biggest extinction events ever, told from the point of view of evolution’s superstars, the most incredible animals ever to swim, stalk, slither or walk our planet. Whether you’re 9 or 90, his unique exploration of the most destructive, yet most creative, force in nature makes top level science fun.

Here are the superstars of the story of life, from the super-weird to the super-ferocious. Usually a species has 10 million years or so of evolving, eating, chasing, playing, maybe doing homework, or even going to the moon before it goes extinct.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most famous and the most misunderstood superstar in the story life! This mightiest of dinosaurs – massive, green and scaly – or, as we now know, massive and partially feathered, with a keen sense of hearing, smell and great vision dominated the Cretaceous landscape. Everyone knows about the giant asteroid which struck Earth 66 million years ago ending the Age of the Dinsoaurs. Or did it?

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